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Business models in Internet marketing

Internet Marketing – Channel or Business Model?

Internet Marketing is a confusing conceptMarketing gets more complicated and confusing everyday. A big part of this complication is caused by the many components and definitions of Internet marketing. Understanding which definition fits your business and then selecting the right platforms to use and what to do with them once you build your presence can raise the blood pressure in the best of us. So how can we be effective with our online marketing when we are trying to manage the daily operations?

Let’s take a look at two definitions of Internet marketing.

  1. As a channel of communication – using this new media channel to communicate a company’s message about itself, its products, or its services to gain visibility and establish an expert reputation.

Which one of these descriptions fits your needs depends on your business model.

Internet Marketing as a Channel of Communication

There are many strategies available within the umbrella term of Internet marketing and choosing the right set of strategies and activities is dependent on your resources, your target market and your goals. All of the following are possible Internet marketing strategies:

Every business benefits from being online and increasing their visibility to their target audience. Although these are all viable options in your marketing plan, not all of these strategies will apply.

Tyrone McFarlin's Making the Movie is HOT!

by Searchingfortalent

Milwaukee, WI. (Feb. 16th, 2007) – On March 17th 2007 CITY STAGE will host the Open Call for award winning filmmaker Tyrone McFarlin’s new TV show, MAKING THE MOVIE.
From living in a home with no electricity for over 8 months, Tyrone McFarlin to ran an exception cord to his neighbors power source and decided to use his talents and start a web site business.
Today McFarlin is best known for helping thousands of Actors, Models, Singers and Dancers turn their dreams into reality. This internet guru has used his unuiqe online promotion and marketing skills and has attracted over 1.5 million viewers to his personal web site

Consumers - stand up to RE industry

by expensive_but_changeable

Over the last 5 years, average sales commissions may have dropped from 6% to 5%, as an increasing number of home buyers and sellers consider using non-traditional approaches to transacting real estate.
It's important that we make this trend continue by: pushing hard for cheaper and better services, calling out cases of dishonesty and fraud, and supporting more democratic options like publicly available, comprehensive and up-to-date sales "comps," full MLS listings, flat-fee pricing, FSBO, and more.
The following article talks is just one of many talking about changes that already have taken place--and what opportunities still await real estate consumers

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