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New business models in Strategic management

Strategic use of business models: case study

The current business model of Travel Co.This is the last posting of this blog series which includes the case study. The case study helps portray the theoretical concepts that have been covered in the previous blog posts: the strategy, the canvas, and the implementation.

The current strategy

The case study follows the example of the fictitious organisation Travel Co. This organisation is a travel agency which has recently been experiencing some troubles with generating enough revenues to sustain itself.

There are three main competitors in the market that divide between them equally the majority of the market share: Travel Co., JourneyTime, and Tourism Inc.Specialisation of Marketing into General Marketing and Focused marketing for their Key activities. All three agencies have been experiencing problems since the financial crisis started. In order to be able to remain competitive in the current market, Travel Co. will need to try to adjust their strategy.

According to the Value Propositions model, the current competitive strategies of the three main competitors in the market are as follows:

  • ​Travel Co.: complementary products and services (Product leadership)
  • JourneyTime: excellent customer service and support (Customer intimacy)
  • Tourism Inc.: online purchase and payment of tickets (Operational excellence)

The Travel Co. agency relies heavily on the perceived value of their offering to their customers. They offer complementary products and services that help their customers arrange an all-inclusive travel destination (accommodation, transport, informational materials about the chosen destination, etc.).

The canvas

For the past few years Travel Co. has been employing the same business model which served the same general strategy. Until recently their chosen path has been highly successful. The first step helping the agency adjust to the new environment is looking at their current business model.

Changed architecture as a result of the strategic business model canvas In the new business model marketing is spilt in  Focused marketing and General marketing.

'Messengers of Death':

by mondoBLIND

Are Drones Creating a New Global Arms Race?
They are difficult to detect, deadly and cheap to build. Despite the dubious legality of assassinating suspected terrorists and Taliban without a trial, the market for drones is heating up around the world. With Israel and China moving into the market, are we about to see a new arms race?

Plastic tanks and miniature models of fighter jets are on display in Steven Zaloga's home office, and his bookshelves are overflowing with volumes about the history of war. War is Zaloga's area of expertise, but even more than that, it's his business

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